We are David and Lavinia, wedding photographers, designers and lovers. There is no greater form of photography more gratifying then capturing the love and intimacy that a couple share as they embark on a new journey through life together. A wedding experience doesn’t last a single day, but a lifetime; and there in no better way to enjoy the memories that were created out of love then photography. We currently reside in Cambridge, Ontario with our incredible two little girls.

We absolutely love meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. Humans are beautiful creatures and our unique personality and flavors of life is what makes this journey so amazing. What fascinates and excites us the most are the incredible achievements and commitments that humans are capable of performing — purchasing your first house, commitment to unconditional love through marriage and growing your family.

[David] There is no better feeling than coming home and opening the door — just to be greeted by the sweetest little girls you can ever meet! When I am not living dad-life to the fullest, I love to take my wife out on dates or adventure hikes. I also consider myself a coffee and beer connoisseur — an explorer of new flavor and unique restaurants. At home, Lavi and I cultivate and grow a vegetable garden with every vegetable you can think of (the popular ones only!).

Lets do all things beautiful, for love and adventure!

Love is where you are!