The most amazing aspect of lifestyle and wedding photography is meeting some amazing people! Getting to know Siobhan and Emmanuel during this dreamy engagement session was an amazing experience filled with laughter and love. Siobhan wore one of the most amazing white lace dresses I have ever seen; perfectly fitting her style and personality. The classic choice of attire from Emmanuel also perfectly complimented Siobhan, and together they both looked stunning.

I love how couples gaze at each other with dreamy eyes, and Emmanuel was constantly embracing and admiring Siobhan. This emotion is captured in the photos, and you can sense the excitement they have for each other. Flawless make-up done by Alice Ratiu to compliment the skin tones, and the beautiful bohemian inspired floral bouquet was custom crafted and provided by Cayla at Just Blooms.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did making them!

\\ Vendors Involved //

Flowers: Just Blooms || Make-up: Alice Ratiu || Photography: Todor Wedding Company

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Wedding and engagement photography by Todor Wedding Co (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Southern Ontario).