It’s time for the engagement session, and it’s exciting! The session means a lot more then taking photos — its the first step in working with your photographer and getting to personally know their style. I always receive compliments on my engagement and lifestyle session — ‘wow, the couple look so beautiful!’ — however, I am just capturing the moment. The photos and mood is only half the battle, the rest is in your hands. A little wardrobe coordination and a great attitude goes a long way in showing the mood of the engagement session; and when people see the photos, they can be inspired and get excited for the wedding that is about to come.


Aim for a theme!

Consider doing a themed engagement photo session; the most popular and safe ideas are: adventure & trail, barn & open field, city & cafe, and garden & parks. Once you settle on a theme, you can coordinate clothes to match the theme accordingly. If you were doing a trail theme setting, you would probably consider wearing more casual attire and boots, perhaps make it more specialized and turn it into a lumberjack theme. If you were to do a city theme, you would probably aim for semi-formal attire with high-heels. A theme is a great way to laying down the foundation of your dress attire, and it often simplifies the wardrobe selection process. It gives a goal to work towards and makes things easier to imagine and organize.

You may also consider to take engagement photos at a place that you consider special; perhaps where you and your fiancee first meet, or some other place of significant importance that you both share together.

Wardrobe selection essentials!

Selecting the right clothes for the engagement is the foundation of the look, environment and the mood you are trying to create. Here is a quick and simple guide on what to look for when selecting clothing articles:

  • Consider two different clothing styles; this can be two totally separate outfits, or simply a coat / vest / scarf outfit on top, and then removing it to reveal the second outfit.
  • When selecting your clothes, make sure its something you feel amazing in, last thing you need is to look uncomfortable or hinder your range of motion.
  • Clothing with logos, illustrations, overly obscure patterns, writing, or tiny stripes are not recommended as they take away from the photo — shifting the focus from you. Less means more.
  • Coordination is important, but not essential to match exactly. Consider complementing colors, different shades and accessories to emphasize.
  • Dressing appropriately is important for both weather and body type; always be comfortable and stay warm when it’s cold outside.
  •  Don’t forget to wear nice shoes! Its a little detail that can draw a lot of focus.
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories! Having a nice watch, jewelry, scarf, complementing head-wear adds a lot of depth to your clothing.


The secret to looking your best!

The secret to looking your best may not come as a surprise to most people, but consider doing your hair and make-up professionally. If you have already selected your hair & make-up artist for your wedding day, try to book a make-up trial on the same day as your engagement session. You can try your wedding day look, and you will also get gorgeous photos.

I am not a make-up artist, but I have learned to appreciate good make-up skills. I don’t get too involved in giving ideas and inputs and I prefer to leave this to the professionals or your own expertise, but I will say this; natural and simplistic make up is best for photos. Having your hair professionally done will also ensure that you are looking your best — couple these two ideas together, and you can be sure that your confidence and beauty will reflect in the photos.

If you are looking for a talented vendor with more insight on make-up and hair for your engagement or wedding day, please contact Alice.

Make it POP!

It’s the little things that change photos from mediocre to amazing. Consider bringing something simple, like flower bouquet, helium balloons, a backpack, color smoke bombs, or a special item. If you want to take it a step further, you can bring more props (ex picnic theme) or go to a place that may have a unique environment (ex carnival).

As I have mentioned in the wardrobe selection above, accessories add a lot of depth to the photos. It can contrast the colors you are wearing, add different dimensions, and improve the overall look you are trying to achieve. Watches, rings, jewelry, scarves etc. should be almost mandatory when creating amazing photos.


Closing Words

Engagement photos can be used creatively and shared with family! You may want to create thank you cards, or invitations; perhaps you want to print out the photos and create portraits or a canvas for your wall. If you set up a wedding website for your guests to register, you can upload photo content. Most importantly, you can share the photos with your family, and you can always cherish these memories.

When doing the engagement photos, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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