EVO Kitchen Venue Overview

EVO Kitchen is a restaurant located in Galt Cambridge with a history of offering exceptional catering for events. In 2016 Barry and Taryn opened up their first location to serve the public and it has since been a place that continues to bring people together. The relaxed atmosphere, cozy environment and gourmet food has solidified their reputation and keeps guests coming back for more.

evo kitchen wedding venue

The main room set up for reception and ceremony (at the front).

evo kitchen wedding venue cambridge

The main room set up for ceremony before being transformed for reception.

The restaurant is located downstairs.

evo kitchen wedding venue restaurant

The main building with a patio outside, restaurant on first floor and event space on the second floor.

Venue Highlights

EVO Kitchen is a restaurant with wedding hosting capabilities on the upper floor. The event room can accommodate both ceremonies and reception as the tables can be set up and ready to be placed into position after the ceremony takes place.

The venue's capacity seems to be between 60-90 at comfortable levels and there is a bar to entertain the guests during cocktail hour and reception. The space is constructed with exposed beams, wood floor and ceilings and white walls; and the large windows let in plenty of natural light as you overlook the main street. Hanging off the ceiling are pixie lights that make the atmosphere cozy and inviting.

Outside the restaurant, there are plenty of iconic photo locations within walking distance, with the most notable being the famous Galt bridge and the center water fountain. There are more places to explore such as Monigram Coffee just around the corner, that is arguably the most recognizable café in Cambridge. There is plenty of open space just outside of the building in front of the patio for group photos of the bridal party or families.

The food at EVO Kitchen is always amazing; aftercall they specialize in gourmet dining and the foundation of the business is centered around great food. The owners are fantastic and personable and the staff is friendly and helpful.

You will need to consider outside preparation locations or overnight stays as EVO Kitchen doesn't have rooms.

My Recommendation

If you are a hands-on wedding couple who loves to plan and enjoy a cozy intimate wedding, then I highly recommend EVO Kitchen. The room is beautiful and the convenience of having both ceremony and reception in one place will keep you and the guests from travelling. Be sure to drop by and check out their restaurant as well.

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