Dan and Jenny’s Indoor Family Photos!

I should start off my mentioning that Dan & Jenny are longtime friends of mine. We frequently have breakfast together, go to parks, and most importantly, talk about the meaning of life. What is the meaning of life anyways?…. Let’s save those answers for another day! Ahead, you will see some gorgeous indoor family photos (courtesy of a friend who is a humble home stylist, by the name of Alice).

This website is to showcase my wedding work, but what happens after the wedding? I had so many of my past brides inquire about family photos, I had to start doing them! Ugh, don’t force my hand to photograph cute babies! Just kidding, it’s been an amazing learning experience for me personally.

I personally value these types of photos because it allows you to look back and see change. You remember how small the kids were at one point, and how much they have grown. No matter who you are, I encourage you to print your photos as this allows you to have a deeper enjoyment as you hold on to something tangible. I hope you enjoy these indoor family photos, and if you are interested in creating some memories, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

This is the year that I have decided to do what I love most. My personal favorite activities are spending time with family, photographing genuinely happy people, and finally, getting out on my bicycle. Get out there and do your favorite things, and capture these fleeting moments ๐Ÿ™‚

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This is the second time my wife and I shot with David; adding two little kiddies into the mix this time around. We were thrilled to find that he was able to capture such candid moments of our growing family and found the overall experience more than satisfactory. What impressed us the most was his personable composure and ability to connect with both my wife and I and the kids to deliver picture perfect moments with minimal pressure. Would highly recommend this photographer if you’re looking for uniquely artistic and quality work.

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