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Hey there! One of the top questions I always receive from inquiring clients revolves around adding a second photographer (commonly referred to as ‘second shooter’) to their wedding packages. So many people have heard great things about incorporating a second photographer, and I just wanted to outline the top three benefits for getting the most value out of your decision.


Wedding schedules can be tight, and sometimes things can get a little crazy. If you and your fiancée are getting ready at separate locations, I highly recommend adding an extra photographer – it allows us to capture two different stories at the same time!

Being the primary photographer, I will spend my morning photographing at the bride’s location: the details, the preparation, getting into the dress, and family photos. Instead of spending time travelling, I can focus on capturing all the anticipation and emotion that goes into getting ready, while the second photographer does the same work, simultaneously at your fiancée’s preparation location.



There are many sides to your story, and I don’t like missing a beat! Many times, there are reactions involving the intimate moments that need to be captured. For example, when you are walking down the aisle, it is important to capture your moment, including the reaction of your fiancée and the guests attending. Having a second photographer present can ensure that multiple angles are covered and your story is told in an unforgettable way.


This is something that nobody wants to hear, however it’s important to take into consideration. I take great steps in minimizing the risk of anything going wrong, however, in the event that one photographer loses the images, there is always another photographer with professional images as a back-up. You maximize your chances of mitigating the risk if something goes wrong. Fingers crossed, I hope to never have to cross this bridge.

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The majority of my amazing clients choose to have a second photographer added to their wedding package to enhance their wedding experience. I only work with professional photographers who are in the wedding business and value great quality work. It makes us all look good at the end of the day.

There are many more benefits to having a secondary wedding photographer, and I would be glad to discuss them with you! I hope this article gave you some thoughts for consideration!

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