There is something amazing that happens when beauty and nature collide. I wanted to create a very whimsical atmosphere, something that would inspire others to find their inner beauty. When I first connected with Meagan, I loved her passion and excitement; and we both shared the same vision. Once we got on location, everything flowed very naturally, and the poses were elegant and poised — the dress flowed with the wind and added character.

The greenery provided by Cayla at Just Blooms complimented the organic and natural aspect of the setting. I absolutely loved the simplicity and creativity of the arrangement she provided. The make-up was done by Alice; very naturally styled, and designed to bring out Meagan’s beautiful skin tones.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Model: Meagan K (Cameo Models) || Make-up: Alice Ratiu || Flowers: Just Blooms || Photography: Todor Wedding

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