THANK YOU for choosing me as your photographer, it was a great pleasure working with you. I have put together a little help package to help you access your media online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more help.



When you download all the photos, you will notice that a file called ‘xxxxxx.RAR‘ is downloaded. This file is like a box that contains all your photos, and it makes things really simple because you don’t have to download all the photos individually. You may need a special program to open the box and access the photos. You will need to download this FREE program [Winrar for Windows] or [RAR Expander for MAC].

  1. Download the photos from the online gallery.
  2. If required, download and install the programs stated above.
  3. Once the installation has been completed, right click on the file and select ‘extract here’ or make a folder and ‘extract the files’ in that folder. This will take out all the files in the box, and place them into a folder so you can access them easily.
  4. If you can’t access the files, please ask for help or switch computers. Try accessing the files on non-mobile devices first.
  5. Watch this YouTube tutorial.