It was hard to contain my excitement for this whimsical and chic photo session with Melissa and Tyson! A considerable amount of time has been spent planning for this wedding session, but once we arrived on location, it was filled with love and laughter. Melissa and Tyson were absolutely adorable together, and they had a deep look in their eyes of adoration for one another. Melissa wore a vintage lace wedding dress (by Emma Paige), and she looked absolutely stunning in it. Tyson looked super chic in his black suit; minimalistic perfection achieved!

Emma Paige specializes in beautiful wedding dresses, and she has a wide selection of vintage and custom attire. The lavish wedding bouquet was custom handmade by Cayla at Just Blooms. The colors were a perfect match with the theme and location of the session. Make-up and hair designed elegantly by Alice Ratiu to bring out the best natural skin tones!

I hope you will enjoy these photos, because we certainly did creating them!

\\ Vendors Involved  //

Model: Melissa & Tyson (Gemini Models) || Florals and Decor: Just Blooms || Make-up & Hair: Alice Ratiu || Wedding Gown: Emma Paige

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Bohemian and rustic wedding photography by Todor Wedding Co (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Southern Ontario).