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Your wedding day is coming up and you put in an enormous amount of work to make sure every little detail is just perfect! There are many items that carry a sentimental, symbolic or design value, and one of my favorite things is to capture these details for you!

Oh, the details!

I place a huge value on capturing the emotions, the atmosphere, the feelings and even the fragrance of your wedding. You take the time to appreciate all the little things, and take in the sweet smell of your flowers coupled with the fragrance of the freshly applied perfume. The ultimate goal is to capture this and lock it in time; and 20 years from now, as you flip through your wedding photos, you will be able to go back in time and re-live the memories that you created. True wedding photography goes beyond the photos.

wedding photography

The List

Let us concentrate on one aspect of wedding details that will get captured: the bridal details. While the final preparations are taking place, I will be taking the time to capture the essential items on your wedding day. Here is a list of items that you should consider setting apart on your wedding day so we don’t miss a beat!

  1. bridal gown
  2. bridal veil / headpiece
  3. the shoes
  4. flower bouquet
  5. the rings
  6. the accessory jewelry
  7. your perfume
  8. complete invitation suite
  9. sentimental notes / gifts

It’s important to have all these items consolidated and located in one place because it greatly speeds up the process and organization.

bridal dress and bouquet

Closing Words

This is your wedding day, and it will be different then all other weddings! It signifies the beginning of your own personal adventure, and that is very exciting and worth sharing. By taking the time to set aside all the items that you value to be photographer, you can be sure I won’t miss a beat! It’s time to create something amazing together!


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