I wanted to have a photo session inspired by elegance and grace. Envision a bride walking down an elegant and beautiful staircase, similar to Cinderella; the entire world is watching her and they are inspired by her natural beauty. A minimalist style, focused on emotions and confidence expressed by a bride on her wedding day.

The color pallet chosen was white, salmon, green and lavender contrasts. White representing the purity and minimalism, salmon is the love and passion, green is natural and organic and lavender is the contrasting emotions felt (love and jealousy) for something beautiful.

The wedding gown was handmade specifically to contrast a modern setting. We loved the idea of incorporating a slight vintage design, something that flowed well, and showed the natural beautiful body of the bride. The florals were custom designed to emphasize the elegance in the estate and add to the atmospheric emotions. Very minimalist details were displayed around the furniture, however, the floral bouquet was full of body, colors and personality. The rings and perfume were all personal belongings chosen to add to the elegance atmosphere.

The most amazing aspect of the photo session was how everything flowed and how everyone brought their own personality to the session. The florals were created from a simple color pallet and a brief description of the vision. The gown was a new creation — an expression of inner passion and personality. The model used was the winner of Canada’s Next Top Model in 2007, and her flow and elegance was natural. I was amazed how little direction was given because Rebecca knew exactly what was expected.

For all brides-to-be, I encourage you to create something amazing — include only the ideas that add to your vision, and be passionate about every detail that is chosen to represent your special day.

\\ Vendors Involved  //

Model: Rebecca Hardy (Cameo Models) || Florals: Just Blooms || Make-up & Hair: Alice Ratiu || Wedding Gown: Emma Paige

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Estate wedding photography by Todor Wedding Co (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Southern Ontario).