The Doctor's House Venue Overview

The Doctor's House is a beautiful wedding venue in the heart of Kleinburg, with a rich history dating back to 1848. A private venue surrounded by gardens and beautiful scenery, there is a lot to see and experience.

the doctor's house venue

The main building is the central hub to access all locations such as suites, ceremony or reception rooms.

the doctor's house bridal suite

Beautiful cottage-style rooms make for the perfect preperation location on-site.

the doctor's house wedding chapel

The chapel is located in the garden area and has a wooden and rustic interior.

Venue Highlights

This venue is a one-stop-shop for a great wedding experience from beginning to the end. Inside the main building, there are rooms for the bride and groom to prepare and access to the reception and ceremony areas. There are cottage-style rooms that provide overnight hospitality and doubles as preparation rooms. The style is historic yet with modern touches, and offers a touch of luxury mixed with rustic feel.

The venue is licensed to accommodate 90-250 guests depending on which of the (4) reception room that you choose. This is great for couples who plan to have an intimate affair or a large event and anything in-between. Couples also have the option to book the chapel for the ceremony (which includes organist and officiant), which provides a cozy atmosphere due to the wooden structure. There is a ceremonial bell with a rope leading down into the chapel for couples to ring once they tie the knot.

The Doctor's House seems to have an established routine for in-house catering and vendors, with the staff and coordinators being super friendly and hospitable. The food they provide is great, and they allow outside vendors such as photographers and videographers to take part in the events. The DJ seems to be the only vendor that are exclusive to the venue (audio / visual equipment set up), so your options for bringing in a musician might be limited to the venue's discretion and the use of equipment.

The venue grounds have a lot of variety for photos, ranging from the gardens, chapel and indoor photos, plus the walk into the village is just outside the venue property so you can take a stroll and capture some great moments.

Due to hosting multiple weddings at a time, you may not have the flexibility that exclusive event venues offer. All couples will be using the facilities, and thus your wedding timeline will be a balancing act by the coordinator to ensure everyone gets a piece of the pie. If you are looking for complete flexibility to schedule, you may want to take into consideration other options.

My Recommendation

If you love the idea of getting an all-inclusive package at an estate, this venue offers it all. From preparations, to ceremony and reception, there is a lot to see and explore around the property to make lasting memories.

I love photographing weddings at The Doctor's House and I recommend it to couples seeking a private and exclusive way to celebrate their wedding day.

the country fare the doctor's house
the doctor's house country fare room
the doctor's house country fare wedding room
the doctor's house country fare wedding room
the doctor's house outdoor garden space
the doctor's house outdoor trails
the doctor's house wedding photographer
the doctor's house chapel
the doctor's house wedding chapel interior
the doctor's house wedding chapel ceremony
the doctor's house chapel decor and wood
the doctor's house chapel bell rope

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