Many brides are considering the idea of adding a first look on their wedding day, rather then the traditional first look that happens when a bride walks down the isle. There is no right or wrong way of doing things on your wedding day and your preference is a personal decision.

So, what is a first look exactly? It’s simply a time before the ceremony in which the bride and the groom see each other for the first time, and it’s usually done privately (family, friends or bridal party is not present). Is the first look the right decision for your wedding? Consider the following:

Personal Time

Wedding days are a celebration with your most loved family and friends, and as you can imagine, it can get pretty social! Everyone is attending to congratulate you and witness the start of a new adventure, and you are the center of attention. A wedding timeline can be filled with events, and you are constantly surrounded by people — after-all, they are there for you! Between entertaining your guests and staying on track with the timeline, it can be difficult to take some personal time together, undisturbed, and admire each other. The first look is an opportunity for my brides and grooms to take in all the emotions; to admire, to hug, to compliment, in a private and personal setting.


It Calms the Nerves

The anticipation on your wedding day can build up with excitement and emotion, and this is a good thing! The first look can calm these nerves, and allow you to be more relaxed during the ceremony. There is so much to experience and intake on your wedding day, and sometimes relaxation is the best way to step back and appreciate the atmosphere around you.

Beautiful Photos

A first look allows me to capture more individual photos of you while you look your absolute best. The emotions cannot be staged, and the shots are candid. These types of moments are amazing to experience because they are raw and authentic. They are personal, and the tell your story.

This is your wedding day, and it will be different then all other weddings! It signifies the beginning of your own personal adventure, and that is very exciting and worth sharing.

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