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Todor Wedding Company is founded on a basic principle: to offer the highest quality in service and products. As a result, quality is something that I place tremendous value on because it distinguishes me greatly from other wedding photographers, and truly stands the test of time.

Wedding photography is not just about capturing photos, it’s about offering a pleasant and professional experience from the planning stage to delivery stage. Above all, a wedding is your story of new beginnings.

Hey there! My name is David, and I am a photographer, designer and avid cyclist with a background in mechanical engineering. There should be no surprise when I say “I ADORE weddings!”  It is my passion that I pour my heart and soul into, and I am honored to share in your experience.

My style can be described as capturing your story as it unfolds organically and candidly. This means that I aim to empower you with knowledge and confidence to BE YOURSELF, and thus relaxed as I strive to document every intimate moment of your journey.

I love cycling, adventure hikes and I also consider myself a beer & whisky connoisseur. Get to know more about me, and get additional insight regarding my style.