The Burroughes Venue Overview

Located in Toronto, Ontario, The Burroughes is abuilding with family of office suits that includes a rooftop event venue with a modern style for weddings. The building was constructed in 1907 as a retail department store for F.C Burroughes Furniture Company. As of 2006, Queen Street Partners acquired the building and renovated it to bring it up to modern standards while preserving the history and original structure. The space is very flexible and have hosted a variety of events from ranging from artists, education, news, fashion and everything in-between.

Ceremony room has white painted brick walls with large windows with plenty of natural light.

The dinner hall's beautiful exposed brick walls with wood floorboards.

Rooftop access offers a great space for guests to enjoy.

Venue Highlights

The Burroughes is a beautiful rooftop venue located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. The event space is located on the 6th floor and is named "exhibition venue", with the 7th floor serving as the rooftop terrace.

The wedding venue website doesn't specify the exact amount of guests it can host, but I approximate between 100-120. The venue is split into two rooms: the ceremony space and dinner hall. The ceremony space is a large open space with large windows that allows plenty of natural light to flow and is especially beautiful during sunset hour. Directly adjacent to the ceremony space is the dinner hall which has a cozy feel and consists of warm color tones. If you want to access the rooftop terrace, you will need to take the stairs up one floor where guests can enjoy the outdoors while overlooking the busy Toronto streets.

It is unclear if The Burroughes is able to offer in-house catering as their website is very limited. Most likely, you will need to source your own catering company as the venue is strictly an event space for rent. This venue also offers a semi-complete onsite wedding solution with ceremony and reception spaces while having limited preparation rooms. You will need to consider outside preparation or overnight stays as The Burroughes doesn't seem to offer this.

Parking in Toronto is always a hassle, and the event's location is especially true as guests will have to walk from distanced parking lots.

My Recommendation

If you are looking to dive deep into wedding planning and you strictly require an event space in Toronto, this venue might be exactly what you are looking for. There is limited outdoor photo locations as it's located in the heart of Toronto with lots of traffic and distanced parking lots for guests to find. This venue does offer a beautiful unique look for the couple that are trying to achieve a particular style.

The Burroughes dinner hall
The Burroughes event venue
The Burroughes reception hall
The Burroughes dinner hall
The Burroughes dinner hall
The Burroughes rustic toronto venue
The Burroughes rooftop venue in toronto
The Burroughes wedding venue in toronto
The Burroughes ceremony space
The Burroughes wedding ceremony

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