The Loft (Distillery District) Venue Overview

The Distillery District is a beautiful gem in Toronto that is a home to many small and quaint shops, and The Loft is located in above the Tank House Lane. The European inspired architecture of the Distillery District inspires romance and offers many great locations to explore. 20 years ago, developers started working and modernizing the historic buildings with the intent of preserving a historic roots.

the loft distillery district wedding venue

Hanging ornamental lights as you walk toward the main entrance.

the loft distillery district interior

The Loft room with exposed wood and hanging twinkle lights.

Venue Highlights

The Loft is one of several venues run by Distillery Events located in the Distillery District, and is a small room with exposed wood and hanging twinkle lights. The atmosphere is cozy, intimate and charming which makes it a great space for couples looking for a low-key and relaxing wedding.

The Loft venue offers a seating capacity up to 100 people and contains a bar located in the room that is able to serve guests during cocktail hour and during reception. Inside the room, there is plenty of space for seating arrangements and a small open area for dancing near the entrance. The food they served was incredible and would highly recommend looking into the options they have for catering.

This venue does not offer an all-in-one solution, so expect to use the room as a reception hall. There are a ton of great locations in the Distillery Area for photos, and you can capture great moments by simply walking around. There is plenty of room for family and bridal party photos, but be sure to expect lots of people wondering the streets and viewing the shops as the Distillery District is a hotspot for tourists.

You will need to consider outside preparation, ceremony locations or overnight stays as The Loft Distillery Events doesn't offer these services (perhaps the Archeo venue offers an outdoor ceremony location).

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a room to host your reception in Toronto, I would highly recommend giving The Loft visit as it's perfect for couples considering tying the vows at City Hall or hosting a small ceremony off-site.

the loft distillery district wedding venue photos
the loft distillery district wedding
the loft distillery district room interior
the loft distillery district wedding reception room
the loft distillery district cozy wedding venue

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