Cambridge Mill Venue Overview

The Cambridge Mill is an iconic location that is located in Galt Cambridge. The mill is renowned for it's restaurant and scenic views, and the building has been restored to create a modern hospitality centre that is rooted in tradition and 19th century history.

The main building where the restaurant and preparation suites are located.

Glass enclosed pavilion overlooking the river and sunset.

Inside the pavillion (chapel) are exposed beams and beautiful large windows with the grand river as the backdrop view.

One of a few reception rooms with exposed wood architecture and stone walls.

Venue Highlights

The Cambridge Mill is a one-stop wedding venue with a restaurant onsite, a chapel and reception rooms. This wedding venue is part of the Pearle Events umbrella and you can expect the experiences and food to be high quality.

The venue contain 4 unique rooms ranging from 100 to 200 seating capacity with with a glass-encased pavilion serving as the main chapel area. The reception and chapel rooms all feature a natural and rustic look due to the exposed beam architecture, grey rock walls and large windows overlooking the Grand River. The food served is incredible as Cambridge Mill (along with all the Pearle Event venues) are known for their restaurants and hospitality.

Some reception rooms feature a fire place that is centered in the middle for an extra cozy feel, one with a garden view and another overlooking the grand. There are a variety of rooms ranging in size and style that allow you to pick what works best for your wedding. The main building is overlooking the Grand River and has many great photography spots onsite (with the stone architecture) or locations in close proximity; such as Mill Race Park across the street and downtown Galt. You can be sure to have plenty of options within walking distance, and guests will also enjoy exploring the city before / after the wedding.

Due to multiple of reception rooms, chances are you will be sharing your wedding day with other couples. Due to this, there needs to be more structure to the schedule in order to accommodate multiple weddings taking place; however, the staff at Cambridge Mill is fantastic and help with the planning.

You will need to consider outside preparation locations or overnight stays as Cambridge Mill doesn't have private rooms.

My Recommendation

If you are a hands-off wedding planning couple who just wants to show up and enjoy the day without moving around too much, then I highly recommend The Cambridge Mill. The property is beautiful and the convenience of having everything onsite takes your attention away from planning and focuses it on enjoying. Be sure to drop by and check out their spa and restaurant as well.

the cambidge mill restaurant
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the cambidge mill grand river
the cambidge mill pavilion chapel
the cambidge mill pavilion chapel
the cambidge mill chapel interior
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the cambidge mill chapel overlooking sunset
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the cambidge mill wedding reception rooms
the cambidge mill reception rooms
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