What I enjoy most about photographing engagements and weddings is meeting new people; we are all so different, yet we can be so in love. I like to take a natural approach to engagements with a focus on capturing intimate moments that truly expresses who you are.

Getting to know each other!

The most important aspect of an engagement session for me is the face time I will be having with you; a moment that we will get to work with each other for the first time and share some laughs together. Photography goes beyond delivering great images and into the realm of creating relationships and bonds. The atmosphere of an engagement shoot is typically very relaxed and informal, which allows both of us to get creative and imaginative with the photographic images. Engagement shoots offer a window into who we are, and together we can share our commonality. It’s about the positive vibes and allowing me to capture the youthfulness of your love.

The photographic style. 

An engagement session allows you to experience my photography style and getting comfortable in front of the lens. Whether you have no experience or a modeling veteran, I will be working with you to capture the raw and intimate emotions.

Obtaining amazing photos!

Needless to say, you will be receiving some amazing photos that are truly unique to you. These photos are yours to share with family and friends, print them out, create canvases and keepsake the memories. Engagements are a celebration for the adventures that are yet to come!

All of me, loves all of you!

Engagement and wedding photography by Todor Wedding Co. (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Southern Ontario).