Monigram Coffee Roasters Venue Overview

Monigram Coffee Roasters first opened it's doors in 2012 by Monica and Graham Braun and is cafe name is a combination of their names (Moni-Gram). The coffee shop is in the heart of old Cambridge (Galt Region) and has been a popular location of attraction for locals and tourists alike. Graham is an engineer by trade and therefore very passionate about the roasting process and the quality of the coffee. Monigram continues to source great coffee and has been a huge part of the Cambridge Galt community.

The super secret room at Monigram for events and weddings.

Behind the scenes photo reveals the walls, windows and overall construction of the room.

The cafe on the main floor is a great place to socialize.

Venue Highlights

This venue is unique because unlike others listed on my website, it's primarily a café with a super secret red-brick room. This room can hold a limited amount of people, but you won't be sharing your day with other brides and competing schedules. It's for couples who love coffee to a fault and enjoy a low-key, memorable and private event for their closest family and friends.

The room has wooden floor boards and a red brick wall surrounding it with windows for natural light. It's a great setting to decorate it with a rustic / boho vibe, or you can decide to keep it as natural as possible. The room is rectangular with a staircase leading from the cafe below up to the backside of the room.

Monigram Coffee Roasters makes great coffee (it's in the name), but they also provide great food and baked goods. Take advantage of the in-house catering options, so you can serve up some freshly made food for your guests.

If you step outside the cafe, you will find yourself in downtown Galt, and within minutes of the bridge over Grand River, the central water fountain, old churches and a ton of outdoor hotspots for great photos. I highly recommend taking a day to visit if you are not familiar with the area and walking around to see what you can find.

This venue does not offer an onsite location for preparation or ceremony, so be sure to look for options.

My Recommendation

If you love everything about coffee and enjoy celebrating with only the closest family and friends, then I highly recommend this location for you. It's definitely unique and have the flexibility to make your wedding day just the way you want it.

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