Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Venue Overview

Located in Cambridge, Ontario, the Butterfly Conservatory is a unique indoor wedding venue offering live butterflies and small birds flying around in an indoor environment. The conservatory hosts many unique species of butterflies and offers recreational and educational tours for anyone who is interested in learning more about butterflies or loves insects.

Outdoor space for photos in the gardens.

The ceremony location withing the butterfly conservatory allows for a unique experience and look.

The wedding hall is located in close proximity to insect and butterfly observation rooms.

Venue Highlights

The butterfly conservatory has a beautiful indoor space full of plants, butterfly and birds, and two additional rooms with butterfly and insect displays to enjoy. Inside the main butterfly room, the temperature and moisture is quite high to keep the butterflies thriving. The arrangement and settings of the plants, walkways and center pond is a nice touch and gives the impression of being in a jungle. Photo locations are available both indoor and outdoor for increased variety.

The indoor conservatory ceremony location holds 40 people, however the reception room can host up to 100 people. The ceremony and reception rooms are held within the same building and is a minute walk from each other. The venue offers cocktail hour finger food, and menu customization (including special dietary requests). The onsite coordinators seemed helpful and didn't interfere with other vendors taking part of the wedding day.

This venue offers a semi-complete onsite wedding solution with ceremony and reception spaces while having no preparation rooms. You will need to consider outside preparation or overnight stays as the conservatory doesn't offer this.

My Recommendation

If you are planning a small and intimate wedding, you love butterflies and are OK with enduring a little warmth and moisture during your ceremony... the butterfly conservatory is definitely a unique place to host your wedding. If there are young kids attending, this venue will definitely be a hit and I highly recommend you considering it.

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