Apple Orchard Moments

Happy to share with you this incredible photo session between Jenn and Jason at Brantview Apples and Cider. The property is absolutely beautiful with lots of unique spots to create some special moments, engagement or wedding memories. Thanks to Jenn and Jason who were super amazing and had a ton of fun using the colored smoke bombs.

Looking forward to booking your next photoshoot!

“We had an amazing photo shoot with David, and I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and care.

Thank you so much for making Jason and I feel comfortable and for keeping us laughing. Your passion for photography is evident and we are so excited for future opportunities to work with you again!

We also love that you took the time to show us photos as we went and we felt like we really got to know you! Thank you again, we had so much fun!”

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Did you know...

.. that I craft my own leather and provide prints to my clients? The leather I use to craft these unbounded satchels is full grain (highest quality) and very special. Designed to last a lifetime, you will be sure to enjoy the presentation on the photos each time you pick up to view it yourself or show others.